Racist White Thomas Waddell Raped And Murdered British Asian Farah Noor Adams

Teenager admits ‘random’ riverside rape and murder


Tuesday 07 February 2006

A TEENAGER yesterday admitted murdering and raping a young mother as she power-walked on a riverside path near her home. Thomas Waddell, 19, attacked Farah Noor Adams in daylight by the River Kelvin in Glasgow’s West End on 7 October, 2005 after choosing his victim at random, the High Court in Glasgow heard.

During the attack, the 34-year-old woman pleaded with Waddell that she had to go and pick up her young daughter from school, but the killer continued his assault, which lasted for half an hour. Ms Adams, who had one child, screamed in terror as she was raped twice and repeatedly hit in the face with a brick during the morning attack. She was then strangled to death. Her family were in court as Waddell pleaded guilty. Following the hearing, they called for a tough penalty when he is sentenced this month.

It emerged after Ms Adams’s death that five 999 calls had been made from her mobile phone around the time of the attack, but none was connected to the police. Strathclyde Police are investigating the matter, according to the Executive, and will report later this year. Paul Kearney, prosecuting, told the court yesterday that there were no witnesses to the murder and that the only account of the attack was provided to police by Waddell after he was arrested. The court heard that the teenager was found by police after DNA evidence showed up on the victim’s clothing and he was traced through the national database.

The advocate-depute told how Ms Adams, a project worker with Glasgow’s Citizens Advice Bureau, had dropped her daughter, Leila, eight, off at St Charles’ Primary School. She then phoned her bosses before going power-walking on the river walkway, which is popular with joggers and walkers. Earlier that morning, Waddell had finished his night-shift at a Maryhill Road car wash and got a bus home. He fell asleep and missed his stop. As he made the return journey from Bearsden, he started chatting to the bus driver. Mr Kearney revealed that the driver also saw him talking to young women on the bus and overheard him making an inappropriate sexual remark to one of them.

He also boasted to the driver about a sexual encounter. Waddell got off the bus three- quarters of a mile from the murder spot and was seen between 7:30am and 8:30am by various people on the walkway, including a park ranger, who noticed that he was in an agitated state. As Ms Adams passed along the secluded walkway, Waddell began to stalk her. Mr Kearney said: “It seems she was aware of this, as she took out her mobile phone and began to press the buttons on it.” Seconds later, she was attacked.

The court was told that Waddell had grabbed her from behind and pulled her down to the ground before dragging her to an archway nearby, which was more secluded and hidden from the walkway. Waddell said that Ms Adams had pleaded with him that she had to go and pick up her young daughter from school, but he continued the assault. Waddell then forced Ms Adams down to the side of the river and strangled her to death. Workers later discovered her body under an archway near a bar a mile and a half from her home.

After the attack, Waddell, his clothes soaking, was seen running from the area, while continually looking over his shoulder. Donald Findlay, QC, defending, told the court that a background report revealed there was nothing in Waddell’s mental state to diminish his responsibility for the crimes. Waddell initially told police that he had been forced into raping Ms Adams by three Asian men.


He later admitted that he had carried out the crimes alone. Outside the court, Mohammed Shaheed, Ms Adams’s older brother, said: “I hope that the sentence will reflect the seriousness of this horrendous crime committed against an innocent person, who did nothing wrong and who has now left behind an eight-year-old orphaned child. “We’ve lost a sister, and our mother and father have lost a daughter. The little girl has lost her mother because of this person’s actions.” He said that the family was aware that Ms Adams had made several 999 calls on her phone and added: “That’s something we are going to be looking into.”

Read more at: http://www.scotsman.com/news/teenager-admits-random-riverside-rape-and-murder-1-1105060


Read more at: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/4685562.stm


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