Manager stole £170,000 from health trade union and Parliamentary charity to fund shopping sprees

A woman who defrauded a health trade union and a Parliamentary charity of £170,000 to pay for her shopping sprees has been jailed for 15 months.

Jasbeer Kaur, 36, was operations manager at the Association of Independent Healthcare Organisations when she used her position to siphon large sums into her bank accounts.

She forged invoices, doctored other paperwork and even convinced 15 health organisations to pay membership fees directly to her.

The Old Bailey heard that the fraud was uncovered in 2015 after Kaur went on maternity leave and it was then discovered that she had stolen £28,911 in a similar fraud at her last job for the Hansard Society, a charity set up in 1944 to promote Parliamentary democracy.

The court heard she started the Hansard Society fraud in 2010 and continued it at AIHO when it headhunted her in 2013.

Kaur admitted two counts of fraud by abuse of position and was sentenced yesterday to 15 months in prison.

Judge John Bevan QC said: “These are tight-knit organisations and their attitude is she led them a merry dance for years. This is a most unpleasant case to have to sentence.

“Not only is there the loss of £170,000, but also loss of reputation, loss of trust, which have had a substantial effect on these companies.”

Senior figures from both organisations were in court to see Kaur sentenced.

Daren Samat, defending, said Kaur had “embarked on spending in such a manner that was almost reckless”.

Kaur has sold her family home and moved in with her husband’s mother in Swindon to try to pay back the money, but still owes almost £20,000 to the Hansard Society.


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