Mixed race Bolton Thug Jordan Coghie Brutally Attacked UK Asian Ex-Girlfriend Mandy Kaur

5 May 2014 / Neil Robertson, reporter /

A 32-YEAR-OLD man caused a catalogue of injuries to his then girlfriend when he attacked her with tweezers.

Jordan Coghiel had a drunken row with Mandy Kaur at the couple’s home in Wolfenden Terrace, Halliwell, on November 26, last year, before he attacked her leg and scalp.

Bolton Crown Court heard how Coghiel had attacked her earlier that day and there had been a ‘history of differences’ between them.

Saul Brody, prosecuting, said: “Ms Kaur could no longer fight back, as she put it, because ‘he always wins’.

“These are serious wounds. They are extremely unpleasant injuries by the nature they were inflicted.”

Mr Brody said that, whilst Ms Kaur could not be sure, she believed Coghiel threw a glass at her head, which caused the wound to her scalp.

Ms Kaur, who had drunk about two bottles of brandy on the day of the attack, tried to defend herself from Coghiel using tweezers.

Coghiel, holding a separate set of tweezers, stabbed her in the bottom and leg, inflicting seven seperate stab wounds.

The court heard how Coghiel had 26 previous convictions for offences such as robbery, police assaults and battery.

Coghiel wrote a letter to Judge Timothy Stead outlining the problems he faced with alcohol and expressing his remorse at what happened.

Iain Simkin, defending, said: “This is the first time he has been placed in custody. He is no longer with the complainant. He has been dry from alcohol since he has been in custody. Whilst it was an unpleasant offence, he can’t remember much about it, because he was drunk at the time.”

Judge Stead, sentencing, said: “Your attack upon her was a sustained one. The injuries you caused were unpleasant, they were not good to look at, and there were many. I do take from your letter that you are sincere in what said and you wish to do right rather than wrong.”

Coghiel pleaded guilty to one count of unlawful wounding.

He was jailed for one year and nine months and ordered to pay a £120 statutory victim surcharge.



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