British Pakistani Yasira Pervez and her White much older Lover Ian Priddle jailed for murder of her husband cousin Khurrum Mukhtar

Couple jailed for husband murder

Yasira Pervez and Ian Priddle

The couple were found guilty of murdering Yasira Pervez’s husband

A Lancashire woman and her lover have been found guilty of murdering her husband, who was found stabbed in a hotel room in Pakistan.

Khurrum Mukhtar, 22, died on 30 December 2006 after being found with serious injuries in Rawalpindi.

Ian Priddle, 46, of Jubilee Road in Haslingden, and Yasira Pervez, 24, of Pendle Street in Accrington, were found guilty of murdering Khurrum Mukhtar.

They were both jailed for life at Manchester Crown Court.

‘Arranged marriage’

The court heard that Yasira Pervez had an arranged marriage to Mr Mukhtar, her cousin, in Pakistan in April 2005.

She returned to England without her husband after their wedding because he did not have permission to reside in the UK. He was expected to return at a later date.

The court was told that Yasira Pervez started a relationship with Ian Priddle, who she met at work, and the lovers had flown out together to Pakistan on Christmas Eve 2006 after Yasira Pervez had arranged to meet her husband at the hotel.

Prosecutor Peter Wright QC told the jury of eight men and four women that she swore him to secrecy about their hastily arranged meeting in a hotel bedroom and “stipulated that he was alone”.

‘Perforated lung’

Priddle and Pervez arrived at the hotel dressed in caps and dark glasses to meet Mr Mukhtar. A waiter saw the three of them enter Room 109 together and, shortly afterwards, witnessed Priddle and Pervez running out looking “stressed and nervous”.

He found Mr Mukhtar, who was bleeding heavily, lying partly on the bed and partly on the floor. He was taken to hospital but died 20 minutes later.

Doctors found he had suffered two stab wounds, lacerations to his hands, and a perforated lung, stomach and liver.

After killing Mr Mukhtar the lovers returned home and were arrested after touching down at Manchester Airport.

This was clearly a planned murder, a planned holiday to Pakistan under the guise of a holiday, but in reality a holiday to get rid of Yasira’s husband once and for all
Mr Justice Clarke, judge

Pervez blamed Priddle for the killing, but he denied he was present at the murder scene. She admitted she was in the hotel room but said she was trying to protect her husband from being attacked by Priddle.

When interviewed by police, she handed them two letters of confession from her lover. The letters, which were littered with poor spelling and grammatical errors, stated that Pervez had nothing to do with the murder.

Priddle told the jury he agreed to write the letters so Pervez could show them to her family, who she said had been “dishonoured”.

‘Became infatuated’

Mr Justice Clarke told Pervez: “This was clearly a planned murder, a planned holiday to Pakistan under the guise of a holiday, but in reality a holiday to get rid of Yasira’s husband once and for all.

“Whether or not it’s true Yasira Pervez was originally happy and content to be married to this young and unsophisticated country boy may never be known, but I’m satisfied that it would seem to have become a problem and an inconvenience which you were determined to remove.

“I’m satisfied that you used Ian Priddle, who became infatuated with you, to carry out that deed on your behalf and at your assessment.”

He told Priddle that he had carried out a “murder of particular cruelty” at his lover’s “terrible bidding”.

He sentenced them both to life in prison and ordered that they must each serve 21 years before they could be considered for release.


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