Jealous, controlling and domestic abusive Bradford Pakistani woman Fatima Fardous jailed after stabbing her lover Mirza Raza

Bradford woman, 29, jailed for four-and-a-half years for knife attack fuelled by jealous rage


A 29-YEAR-OLD woman who thought her partner was seeing someone else because he had a haircut and a shave has been jailed for knife attack on him.

Fatima Fardous pestered carpet fitter Mirza Raza with “vitriolic” phone calls while he was out at work and when he returned to their home he discovered that she had smashed it up.

Prosecutor Nick Adlington told Bradford Crown Court that Fardous, who had no previous convictions, became convinced that Mr Raza was seeing someone else after she found out about his haircut and shave.

Fardous, of Hendford Drive Pollard Park, Bradford, lunged at her partner with a kitchen knife during an argument, but he managed to move quickly enough to avoid a blow to his chest.

The knife went into his left upper arm, hitting the bone and causing the handle to break, but as Mr Raza fled the house Fardous threatened to get another knife.

Fardous had denied a charge of causing grievous bodily harm with intent during the attack in April, but a jury found her guilty of the offence and she was jailed for four-and-a-half years.

The court heard that Mr Raza claimed the wounding had been an accident during the trial and when police carried out a bail check on Fardous’ address during the case he was found hiding under some clothing in a wardrobe in breach of her bail conditions.

Mr Adlington said he was not surprised that Mr Raza had not provided a victim impact statement and there was no application for a restraining order.

Solicitor advocate Stuart Field, for Fardous, said the mother-of-four appeared to have been involved in a number of relationships that had problems.

He said the prison term would be her first custodial sentence and it would be harder for her because of language and cultural difficulties.

Judge Neil Davey QC told Fardous via an interpreter that he was satisfied she had worked herself up into a jealous rage at the thought that Mr Raza might be seeing someone else or wanted to see someone else.

“Your anger had already boiled over by the time he got home from work,” said Judge Davey.

“He discovered that his home was in disarray with the television and the mirror both broken. That much he could see. What he could not see was the kitchen knife with which you had already armed yourself.

“An argument started straight away. You quickly produced the knife and tried to stab him in the chest.”

The judge said Fardous’ threat to get a second knife made it plain that she intended to do hurt him even more badly than she actually did.

Judge Davey said the wound to Mr Raza’s arm had caused some nerve damage which led temporarily to reduced sensation in his hand, but the injury was repaired and a full recovery was expected.


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